"Ms. Robinson has spun a tale full of quirky characters and surprising twists of plot that will delight both adults and children alike." Marcia Lee Laycock, author of One Smooth Stone, A Tumbled Stone, and Spur of the Moment.

"Sir Princess Petra: The Pen Pieyu Adventures is a maverick fantasy, ....Packed with plot twists and turns, unexpected obstacles and problems, and brilliant flashes of humor and originality, "Sir Princess Petra" charms and entrances the reader. Enhanced by frequent expressive black and white drawings, the six chapters of "Sir Princess Petra" move swiftly to a satisfying conclusion. Kids age 10 and up will love the rebel heroine and her dragon rehabilitations skills."  James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW. For the full review visit: It is listed under the Jan. 12 bookwatch under Fantasy/Scifi Shelf, 5th review down.

5 stars / 5 stars ...Sir Princess Petra is one of those stories that will appeal to most everyone.  It is charmingly funny."  Sue Morris, KID LIT REVIEWS. For the full review, visit:

"Sir Princess Petra is a delightful and imaginative tale with wonderful and funny characters, and a spunky heroine that young readers will love." Gisela Elise Felsberg, University Instructor of Fine Arts

4 stars / 4 stars "Sir Princess Petra is a delightfully imaginative storytime read and re-read. Petra's character is both confident and charismatic. Her good nature conquers the friendship of Snarls, the dragon, and other characters in the Forest of Doom. I highly recommend Sir Princess Petra for schools, public, and personal library collections." Natalie Schembri,  UWO graduate. Review by University of Manitoba. For full review go to (13th review down)

5 bookworms / 5 bookworms "I like this book because it has a great story line and a great message about believing in yourself. This book is an awesome beginning chapter book and a great read aloud." Erik, This Kid Reviews Books. For the full review and video Erik did of Sir Petra go to

"A tale of bravery, innocence and determination of a child as she pursues her dream. Young readers are sure to enjoy Robinson's delightful tale." Cheryl Schenk-Bittleberry Books, author of The Stibil Forest Adventures: Little Synni's Moonlight Mischief.

Princess Petra was no ordinary princess. Nope, she didn't like girly things at all. What she wanted was to become a knight. Well, the chance for a girl to become a knight was slim but within her grasp. Her father allows her to try by fighting a dragon named Snarls to stop him from howling at the moon, keeping them all up at night.

Where other knights have failed, Petra succeeds. She shows the reader that we don't have to fight someone in order to win. Sometimes just treating someone with respect by listening to what they have to say and then coming up with an agreeable solution is enough.

Given the fact that Petra comes across some interestingly strange new friends, she shows the reader how to respect and appreciate an individuals uniqueness. Together, they start a new wave of acceptance in her father's kingdom.

Ms. Robinson has created an interesting and delightful tale about acceptance and understanding. Her characters are fun and children will enjoy the spunkyness of Petra. She shows common sense and reason, unlike her father who would rather use brute strength and malice to solve problems. Children will see how problems can be solved in different ways.

Children 7 and up will love this unique 68 page chapter book. Children will be anxiously awaiting the other books in The Pen Pieyu Adventure series, wondering what Petra will be up to next.
Renee Hand, award winning author, The Crypto-Capers Review

Special Review

Erik, from This Kid Reviews Books did a review of my book and a video reading Sir Princess Petra for National Read Aloud Day. To see the full review and video go to

Elaine Ouston, Author
5 stars/ 5 stars

Your children will love this book. 

. . . how Petra completes this deed and the events that follow will have 
the reader laughing and cringing in turn.

Sir Princess Petra is an enchanting, fun story that I’m sure children will love.
But it is a fun story with a deep message. It is a story of belief in yourself, courage
to face adversity to achieve what you want to be, and how kindness and
understanding are better than brute force and fighting.

The writing is lively and well executed and the illustrations are skilfully drawn 
and add to the story’s appeal.

I will certainly be buying this book for my granddaughter. She will love it.

Stacey Theis, Interviewer/Book Reviewer at Beachboundbooks 
5 stars/ 5 stars
Sir Princess Petra by Diane Mae Robinson is a charming story that
teaches children that friendship and acceptance are often times your
best weapon. . . This is a tale full of adventure and humor with
a charismatic main character who has a lot of heart.
For the full review:
For the interview:

Ian S. Rutter, Author
5stars/ 5 stars
     What a wonderful story. You don't get many books that can teach qualities such as respect, friendship
and trust. This book does that simply by showing through a lovely story.
     The author has a great gift at story telling, without telling you how or what you should do to learn
the skills that the story teaches. The main character of the book, Petra, shows you what to do when
she is placed in certain situations which require her to use her head and not her makeshift sword.
     We can all learn something from this story. If you have children, I encourage you to get a copy
of this book and read it to them.
     I hope there are many more Petra adventures in the future.
     This book is next to my copy of Aesop's Fables.

Please visit my book blog at:  All About Children's Books

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